Forecasts are always an interesting issue, for us, real estate investors.

But to make them correctly, you need to know and analyze all important ingredients & facts!

To let you share our analyses, we herewith present you BEACHLIFE’s forecasts, strictly without engagement:

Fortaleza, October 2009

While the world is struggling to get control over it’s financial (banking) crisis, Brazil is no more then just slowing down somewhat, with all it’s economical factors still on ‘green’:
  • low interest & inflation!
  • increasing exports & GNP!
  • best BRIC country at the moment!
  • increasing foreign capital inflow and foreign investments!
  • the world’s largest oil fields found of the past 30 years, before the coast of Rio!
Exceptional really, Brazil is having no banks anywhere in trouble…!, a result of the country’s strictness on ‘credit’!

Brazil, huge in surface and population, is therefore heading for prosperity, based on a large, political stability.

Amidst these excellent economical factors, foreign investments are flowing largely into Brazil!

With land prices rising very sharply, doubling of tripling, making history of these old, outdated level.

Cumbuco & Jericocoara, NE Brazil’s firstly discovered places, meanwhile having the largest increases behind them.

Ilha do Guajirú, where things are just getting started.

With one tendency behind all today’s movements: investors travel more, look for destinations like Brazil to escape from Europe and the world’s financial misery, look more “west” of Fortaleza for better investments, and go for natural beauty and amazing ecology!