Ilha do Guajirú, the Ecological Paradise, undisputedly the most prestigious building plot project of the entire N-East Brazilian coastline, has recently been launched!

If you are looking for building land to create a holiday home or start any tourist based activity, amidst abundant nature and scenery, there is only one company to contact, BEACHLIFE!, owning almost all the terrain.

Consisting of various, differently sized and located building plots, both beachfront and island interior based, here is where you find truly unique ingredients:

  • a huge Lagoon, the biggest of N-East Brazil!, 4 km x 400 mtr, with perfectly flat water, ideal for all kinds of watersports!
  • the ocean, right behind the Dunes, only 3 min. by ferry-, surf- or sail away from your future home, with magnificient views, forever!
  • a River, amazon-like styled, runing all around the island’s back, great for fishing, nature walks, sightseeing and much more!
  • a cocopalmed Interior and abundant Mangrove everywhere around, ready to be enjoyed and explored by you!