In order to allow you a diverse, overall impression of the different sides and faces of Ilha do Guajirú, we herewith offer you 2 of Ilha do Guajirú's slideshows.

To get you into the right local mood, there is added some typical, local music for you...

The 1st is about the island in general, the 2nd is about kiteboarding & the top watersports conditions.

The 3rd is about all real estate developments on the island, such as infrastructure, constructions, projects, homes, activities and so on.

All these photo’s were taken at Ilha do Guajirú and NONE of them are photoshopped!

On sunny days, which it is almost the whole year at the island with appr. 8 sun hours every day!, the water is such turquoise blue as shown and the sand whiter then even snow: we can’t help it!

Enjoy them!

Ilha do Guajirú - the Ecological Paradise!

Ilha do Guajirú - the Kiteboarding Paradise!

Ilha do Guajiru - becoming brazil's hotspot number 1 !