Eversince a team of enthusiastic people started to promote the island, Ilha do Guajirú has started to get worldwide famous.

Beachlife, majority owner of all lands at Ilha do Guajirú, owning almost all the terrain, is also committed to support the island's promotional campaign, during many years yet to come.

This is also the unique fact and key behind the success of the promotion sofar, welcome to all investors and future owners at the island.

Once you invest and buy you get professional promotion for free!

The island's promotional campaign sofar consisted of the following:

  • an animated banner travelling on worldwide
  • an animated banner placed on Germany
  • a promotional kiosk opened in the centre of Cumbuco offering all (shuttle and travel) services and information
  • poster size banners displayed everywhere presenting the island: at bars, restaurants, pousada’s, fuel stations etc.
  • biz cards distributed at pousada's and hotels showing the island’s website address
  • flyers distributed at beaches in Europe and Brazil
  • caps and t-shirts given away freely carrying the island’s new logo
  • buggy and taxi’s at the airport and various cities carrying stickers and promoting the island’s new website address
  • the island’s DVD being sent to all major travel organisations
  • island flags positioned at all beaches and watersports centres
  • Philipp Brückmann being sponsored during the entire 2008 PKRA tour (carrying the website address on his board and on his kite)
  • some of the world’s best kiters invited to come and discover Ilha do Guajirú (Aaron Hadlow, already received his invitation!)

Accompanied by these promotional activities, the promo team of Ilha do Guajirú, consisting of 6 enthusiastic and fanatic watersporters, makes sure the island gets to it’s goal:

Becoming Brazil's Hotspot no. 1!