Right after Beachlife bought almost all the terrain at Ilha do Guajirú, it ordered the drafting and completion of the Island's Official Masterplan.

In order to allow you to study this plan (infrastructure, roads & building plots), we herewith allow you to download or print it, simply click on the image to print or enlarge!

This Masterplan is also interactive! If you click on a plot or project, you land directly at the Beachlife offer with all details and information!

Beachlife meanwhile started to execute these plans.

Various, differently located building plots have already been put on sale:

- lagoonfront
- 2nd row
- 3rd row
- interior located
- uphill located
- near the commercial centre

Sizes vary from appr. 500 m2 to 6000 m2 and more!

If you happen to visit Ilha do Guajiru, you will quickly notice, finding yourself your way around is not a problem at all.

Everywhere, the plots are numbered and fenced, so self explaining.

NOTICE to all investors on Ilha do Guajiru (!):
All prices are purely indicative, subject to change without prior notice.
Beachlife bought all lands at Ilha do Guajiru, at an exchange rate of 1 Euro = Rs 3.18 Nov 2010, the exchange rate stands at 2,36, resulting into a lower cost price of appr. 35 pct, a surprising benefit of the "crisis". For exact prices, therefor please contact Beachlife.