Ilha do Guajirú, Beachlife's biggest project sofar, is a stunning (peninsula) island, appr. 170 km or a good 90 car minutes away from Fortaleza International airport.

Here, you find truly unique ingredients that jointly form Ilha do Guajirú: a huge Main Lagoon, N-E Brazil's biggest measuring 4 km long x 500 mtr wide(!), many stunning beaches, Praia da Barra, Praia das Dunas & Praia do Guajirú, some beautiful Dunes after which you enter the Atlantic Ocean, an amazon like River circling around the island's back, a pittoresque Port and a cocopalmed island Interior!

Tell us, what better ingredients does any visitor or business entrepeneur need to start enjoying Brazil as the world's newest tourist destination?

The huge Main Lagoon, measuring 4000 x 400 meters(!), appreciated for it’s massive, superflat water is often nicknamed “the flatwatersea”, ideal for all watersports!

Beachlife Real Estate, a real estate developer active in the whole of N-East Brazil, has meanwhile made large investments on this island.

Due to this, real estate values have already been rising very sharply.

Beachlife is taking her business also very serious: For more information on all developments on Ilha do Guajirú, regularly visit the buttons "real estate" and "news" of the Official Tourist Site of Ilha do Guajirú, and/or